Edge of Time

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‘Edge of Time’ from Breakwater Books answers a question some of you haven’t thought of asking. I confess. I thought of it only while reading the novel.

Edge of Time

Question: Where do aliens go if they are forced to leave Toronto?

Answer: Why, to Newfoundland, of course.

The Tyons have come to Earth seeking young humans who have a genetic mutation, a resistor gene that allows them to…well, to resist the mind control powers of the Others, “pan-dimensional beings that feed off negative emotions.”

Notice the capital 'O' in the last sentence to impress us with the ambiguous nature of the bad aliens, except that they’re not nice. Their leader, an entity of uncertain sex, known only as Rhozan - Roseanne? - is villainous enough to want to jump through a rip in the space-time continuum and destroy all life on Earth. All life no less!

Oh, I forgot to mention something else about those resistors inherent in certain humans. Apparently, ages ago, some good aliens - You think? - visited Earth and, adopting human form, performed the necessary with unwitting humans and bred the resistor gene into the race. Unwitting about the gene being sneaked into the species that is, not about doing the necessary.

Anyway, Alec, a young fellow originally from Scarborough, winds up in Toronto after accidentally and unbeknownst to himself - blame those extra-terrestrial genes - opening a rip in the TSC and allowing Rhozan opportunity to mess with Earthlings’ noggins and create zombie-like Emissaries.

Also beating the streets of T.O. is Riley, a misunderstood Haligonian Goth miss with interesting navy blue eyes - navy blue eyes! She too is a carrier of the alien gene.

Neither Alec nor Riley know they are carriers and thus infected [?] with special powers; or in capitals, Special Powers. They remain ignorant until they get tangled up with Darius Finn, an agent of the Tyon Collective, a secret galactic agency. Secret until now, anyway.

Conflict swells in Toronto and Rhozan’s zombies get the upper hand, obliging the Tyons to make a strategic withdrawal to their terrestrial headquarters.

Where? On a rocky island off the coast of Newfoundland. Actually, underneath a rocky island off the coast of Newfoundland - kinda.

For the record, as far as I know, this is the first time aliens have chosen Canada as a suitable location for Headquarters, rather than establishing themselves up in The States. I don’t know if the Tyons finalized their decision after studying the fluctuating value of the loonie, vis a vis - vis a vis? - the greenback.

The most dangerous things in this story are airborne clusters of sparkles. That’s right, sparkles.

They are the portals that permit passage across the TSC. If you should brush up against them, you’m a gonner.

Alec’s brother, Peter, encounters the sinister sparkles and is sucked into some Otherwhere, never to have Earthly eyes clapped on him again - p’raps.

Despite Rhozan’s overwhelming power, a power that is increasing exponentially because more and more humans are thinking yucky thought, there is a weapon that just might even the odds.

This equalizer - Equalizer, with the capital? - is an innocuous looking orb. In truth, pocketsful of pearly orbs handy the size of golf balls.

In the hands of the Tyons and genetically enhanced [?] humans, these orbs can blast the bad guys’ boots off.

‘Edge of Time’ is categorized by the publisher as young adult science fiction, in case you’re wondering. That’s not to say grown-ups shouldn’t read it. I’m a grown-up, sure.

Yes, I truly am.

I had truckloads of fun reading this book. It’s a jim-dandy change of pace from all the vampire yarns glutting bookstore shelves designated for young adult fiction.

And you know what? I hope author Susan M. MacDonald writes a sequel. P’raps she’s already working on one.

Are you, Susan?

The worst thing about the story’s plot, and this is only me being crousty, is that the action moves from The Rock’s…well, rocky coast, back to Toronto.

Rhozan’s rabble-roused riots tow our protagonists back to the Mainland.


Nevertheless, the scene in Toronto is an apocryphal one. Buildings burn and tumble; zombies prowl the littered streets; those sucky sparkles are adrift on the edge of the time-space continuum, as well as the outskirts of the Greater Toronto Area.

If the good guys don’t beat the whoopsie out of Rhozan and his clique, it could mean the end of the world.

And as you might fear, anything could happen in Toronto.

Thank you for reading. Mind the sparkles.

Geographic location: Toronto, Newfoundland, Scarborough T.O. Canada The States

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