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Cynthia Farrell
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June 29, 2012 Rebekah Winsor’s day started like any other. She was very excited for Canada Day! However, she started to complain of a headache around 11 a.m.

Rebekah Winsor, with her mom Laura, when the community of St. Lawrence and Little St. Lawrence welcomed Rebekah home with a motorcade around their towns! They are seated in the Volunteer Fire Department’s cube rescue van. Cynthia Farrell Photo

Her father, Matthew, gave her Tylenol. It seemed to work because she was fine all afternoon.

Around 5 p.m. Rebekah started to cry, because her head hurt. She was holding her head saying “Mommy, it really hurts.”

Her mom, Laura gave her a blanket and a pillow with a cold cloth and laid her on the couch. Laura thought she fell asleep but in hindsight she believes she passed out.

A little while later she began crying again. So Laura told her she had to take more Tylenol and she cried even more.

Matthew suggested Laura should bring her on in to the hospital but she figured they would try Tylenol again. Rebekah took the Tylenol and was very upset about it.

She turned in to the couch to go to sleep but began kicking her legs, so her parents knew then there was something very wrong.

Matt carried her to the van and before he put her in, she threw up. Laura thought she would be okay, as she suffers from migraines and once she throws up, the pain eases off.

Once her dad laid her in the van, her eyes closed and her head dropped. Laura picked up her mom and sped to the hospital in St. Lawrence.

She didn’t call the hospital, but took Rebekah and ran! The medical staff began working on her right away, starting her on different treatments. The ambulance was called and before long, Rebekah was in Burin.

There, they decided it would be best for her to go to the Janeway Children’s Hospital in St. John’s via aircraft. They decided to give her a breathing tube for travel, and assured us it was only precaution.

Rebekah’s mom and grandmother left to drive to St. John’s and  arrived about 15 minutes ahead of Rebekah.

Once she landed, she had a CT scan and that’s when they discovered the brain bleed.

The neurosurgeon was called and informed the family if he didn’t do surgery, Rebekah would die and if he did, she may also die. They had no choice.

Once Rebekah recovered through surgery, the surgeon came to speak to them. He informed the family she was far from well. He expected her left side to be affected because the brain bleed was on the right.

Later that evening the nurse came out and informed the family her future was unsure as to whether she would survive or not.

The next few days, the family was told Rebekah would get  much sicker before she got better. But she didn’t. She just kept improving every single day, defying all odds!

“The support the family has received from the community and across the globe is absolutely mind blowing!” – Laura Winsor

She was in a medically induced coma for several days. Once they decided to wake her up, it took several more days.

Once out of the ICU, Rebekah was moved to constant care. There she was monitored around the clock. She also started physio, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Once she was stable enough to be moved to her own room the family really started seeing big improvements. But the unfortunate thing noticed was she had almost zero short-term memory.

Her days consisted of intense rehab for both physical and memory.

Aug. 24, Rebekah was released from the Janeway, but would continue as a day patient at the Janeway Rehab. Ten weeks of full on therapy and Rebekah returned home.

Laura described her daughter’s progress.

“She is doing amazing. She still has short-term memory problems. Her left ankle is weak but getting stronger everyday.

“Rebekah’s right eye has been affected also from the bleed. She has to see a specialist Nov. 7 to see where she goes from here. It will most likely be surgery to clean out the blood from her eye, so she will be able to see.”

Rebekah has returned to school. She isn’t doing full mornings yet, but she is definitely working her way up. The school is hoping to have a student aide in place for her soon.

The amount of people Rebekah has touched is just out of this world.

Laura said “From all across Canada, to Australia, to Africa to England! She is a true miracle.

“The support the family has received from the community and across the globe is absolutely mind blowing!”

There is a group on Facebook called ‘Prayers for Rebekah’, with over 3,000 members, who continue to watch for updates on Rebekah. There is also a website just for her called ‘’.

This site was made by her cousin Candi, and her Aunt Leanne.

Laura said “This site has everything from my first update on Facebook asking for prayers, to now.”

The family wanted to use this story to thank everyone who helped them in any way.

From prayers to well wishes, to sending Rebekah cards in the mail. They have been so greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.

Their wish is they could thank everyone personally!

Geographic location: Burin, Canada, Australia Africa England

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