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George Macvicar
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This is the week students throughout the province – whether they’re first time Kindergarten students or first year University/College students – are again off to school for another nine months.

During the week, university/college students around Newfoundland and Labrador are beginning an exciting time in their lives as their future adult lives come into focus with chosen careers.

And then there’s the four and five-year-olds anxiously looking forward to leaving the family fold, perhaps for the first time, to meet new friends and start new pathways in their own lives. Their choices now are to have fun, learn to listen to their teacher, develop routines and new skills (such as reading and writing).

Of course, it’s not the defining choices facing teens looking to focus on the world that awaits them.

In a way though, both the Kindergarten and University/College students are preparing for the same challenges – an expanding universe and how best to deal with it.

There are weighty thoughts on the minds of children, whether five or 15 years old, as well as those of young adults so the thought of being safe is likely not at the foremost of their minds.

They’re happy, excited, and perhaps even miserably upset but they’re not thinking safety. That’s left up to parents and other adults.

If you’re a motorist who travels through school zones, playground areas or streets teeming with playful children then we all have to be ever alert. Children often have a habit of darting out between parked cars, walking along roadways, running to get on their waiting busses or into their parents’ vehicles with little heed to surrounding traffic.

Rarely do they have an eye on other vehicles, which may arrive in their path at the same time.

Tragedy, unfortunately, is part of life and seems to follow some small or big youngsters at various times. Many times it has a habit of arriving when students are travelling to and from school.

The onus is on us as adults, companions, caregivers or motorists to be extra vigilant for the sake of our children.

Organizations: Kindergarten and University

Geographic location: Newfoundland and Labrador

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