So much for our man in Ottawa

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Whatever happened to the man called Peter Penashue who lived and spoke up on just about every happening of note in our province? The man who, just a short time ago, had some backbone, the man who had strong opinions on many aspects of our society and was quick to voice them.

The man who showed much promise of leadership. What happened to him? How so, you might ask. What do you mean? What happened to him? How has he changed?

Here's how.

Since he was elected, a partial list of some of the initiatives of his government which have, and will continue to have, far-reaching and drastic consequences for Newfoundland and Labrador includes the closing of the Marine Rescue Sub-Centre, changes to the Old Age Security Act, reductions in Parks Canada services, removal of the Canadian Coast Guard ship ‘Harp’ from St. Anthony, reduced coast guard services, the Veterans Affairs office in Corner Brook closed, former promises of a Goose Bay air base now off the books, six DFO offices to close in the province - need I go on?

His reaction to these and other issues of importance to us: "We're consolidating some of those services within the new programs we have."

With all due respect, that attitude is laughable. Absolutely worthless. Penashue doesn't seem to understand that our taxes are paying him big bucks to represent us.

He got elected and went to Ottawa and in the process did a complete about-face. He has become ‘Mr. Mouthpiece’ for the federal government. (Why do I think of Fabian Manning?) It seems that the huge salary he receives, plus the prestige of office, have completely eliminated any semblance of individuality he formerly had.

Our representative? Hogwash!

There's always the possibility that if Penashue doesn't get re-elected then that odious old patronage system will be utilized by the Harper government to see to it that he is be suitably rewarded for services rendered. (Of course, I'm sure this thought never enters his mind.) After all, he's too busy travelling back and forth to the province to announce a few pennies for this or that.

George Martin,


Organizations: Marine Rescue Sub-Centre, Parks Canada, Canadian Coast Guard Veterans Affairs

Geographic location: Ottawa, Newfoundland and Labrador, St. Anthony Corner Brook Goose Bay

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