When does human life begin?

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Wednesday, Sept. 26, Motion 312 was voted down in the House of Commons. M312, if passed, would have given Parliament permission to have an open debate on when human life begins.


At present, our definition is based on a 400-year-old law that says an unborn child does not become a human being until fully emerged from its mother’s womb.

Sadly, as I said, this motion did not pass because of a large number of anti-life, and anti-science, members in the House.

When do you think life begins?

If you haven’t thought about it, please do. Here are some thoughts for you:

 - OMG ... it’s positive ... we’re having a BABY;

 - 3-year-old to Mommy, “Can I see my BABY sister in your tummy?”

 - Health Canada warning on cigarette package: Second-hand smoke contains many toxic chemicals that can harm an unborn BABY;

 - Heart & Stroke Foundation: Heart disease is a killer that does not

discriminate between young and old. That’s why the Heart & Stroke Foundation was behind research leading to in-utero heart treatments – saving BABIES’ lives before they are born. This is what happens when you put your heart into it;

 - Health Canada: Thinking of having a BABY? Quit smoking before pregnancy to increase your chances of having a healthy BABY;

 - Mayo Clinic: Healthy eating during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for you and your BABY;

 - 3D Ultrasound – so you and your family can see your BABY developing inside the womb;

 - Health Canada: When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, her unborn BABY drinks alcohol;

 - You’re pregnant! I want to have a BABY shower for you!

 - Nissan’s Commercial: BABY: “It’s positive ... we’re gonna have a BABY...

 - etc., etc.;


Margaret Hynes,


Organizations: Health Canada, Heart Stroke Foundation, Mayo Clinic 3D Ultrasound

Geographic location: Marystown

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