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Jobs cut at IOC

Several employees from the Iron Ore Company of Canada have been let go as part of the company’s goal in ensuring long-term sustainability.

Approximately 30 employees from the Iron Ore Company of Canada in Labrador City have reportedly been laid off.

The company would not confirm the numbers, but workers on site have reported approximately 30 employees have lost their jobs.

Employees received notice Tuesday, Dec. 2.

In a prepared statement, director of external relations Heather Bruce-Veitch said the company has taken a number of necessary steps to manage costs and ensure sustainable business.  

“It is becoming critical that we find additional ways to increase productivity and reduce our costs so that means we need the help of each and every employee,” she stated. 

Bruce-Veitch cites the ability to safely deliver tonnes (of iron ore) in a cost effective manner as a “greater and greater challenge.” 

The restructuring, which includes the terminations, was about ensuring the business is positioned with the appropriate structure to deliver results, she said. 

“This means the right people in the right roles with the right skill sets.” 

Bruce-Veitch could not confirm whether or not more layoffs are expected. 

“We can never say there may not be more as it is an ever-changing challenge to ensure the business remains viable. We are asking our employees to keep our focus on safe and efficient production.”

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