Short Circuit Dream Fund reaches milestone

Published on November 22, 2011
Agape Lambert of St. John’s was the recipient of Marystown-based Short Circuit Dream Fund’s 10th gift Oct. 30. Photo Submitted

Marystown-based Short Circuit Dream Fund reached a significant milestone at the end of last month.


The Southern Gazette

Marystown-based Short Circuit Dream Fund reached a significant milestone at the end of last month.

The gift granting charity for critically ill children, started by teenager William Short in 2007 when he was 15, fulfilled its 10th ‘dream’ Oct. 30.

With the help of the Home Depot’s ‘Team Depot’, the charity undertook a complete renovation of five-year-old Agape Lambert’s bedroom featuring an NHL theme.

The young St. John’s resident has been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Among the changes, the walls were painted silver to contrast with black furniture, an NHL comforter and curtains were added and the room decorated with hockey paraphernalia from assorted teams.

Employees of the Home Depot and volunteers with Short Circuit Dream Fund took over the room the evening of Oct. 28 and worked night and day to prepare the room for an unveiling to the family two days later.

The charity limits each dream to a maximum $2,000 but on this occasion approached the Home Depot, which, in addition to the workers, also doubled the budget.

Short Circuit Dream Fund, which realized its first dream back in August 2009, hosts several fundraisers throughout the year.

For the most recent prize draw, Patsy Dorey of Grand Bank won a Calvin Jackman print, a quilt made by Jessie Kirby and a weekend getaway to Woody Island Resort.

Meanwhile, the charity isn’t sitting on its laurels and is gearing up for its next event this week. Six-year-old Maria Poole of the Goulds will receive her dream during an acoustic concert in the Orbit Room at Rocket Foods in St. John’s Thursday beginning at 6 p.m.

Starting with its ninth dream to Zachary Pittman of Mount Pearl in August, Short Circuit Dream Fund began streaming presentations over the Internet for family and friends or anyone else who wants to tune in.

The unveiling can be watched at ‘’.

William has also been selected as one of the Experience Genie’s Top 10 heroes for Newfoundland and Labrador and is in the running to win $10,000 this January. Online voting via ‘’ runs until Dec. 15.