First 2012 baby on peninsula picked his arrival site

Published on January 9, 2012
FIRST ARRIVAL – He wasn’t due to arrive in Burin but Nathan Ross Patrick Roul decided he wanted to see the fireworks, and in fact made his own. Parents Derm and Stephanie Roul had their arms wide open 5:08 a.m. New Year’s Day as he made his entrance. Pictured are (from left): Lesley Ann Rowsell, OBS Divisional Manager; Derm and Stephanie Roul, Nathan, OBS Nurse Tina DeGruchy and Dr. William Moulton. George Macvicar Photo

He wasn’t due for another month. But Mom and Dad were just as happy when their first son decided it was time to join them.



The Southern Gazette


Derm and Stephanie Roul live in Clarenville and were preparing for their baby’s arrival at the Dr. G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital there.

Derm is originally from Lawn and his wife, Stephanie, from Bishop’s Falls. He had decided to bring his wife to the Burin Peninsula to celebrate New Year’s Eve. They arrived earlier that day and planned to return home after a two-day stay.

“It was (New Year’s Eve) night and we were waiting for the fireworks. He decided to bring the fireworks early though.”

He said his wife told him it was time to go to the hospital and when the doctor visited them in the Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre’s Obstetrics Department, they were told the baby was on the way.

Nathan Ross Patrick Roul made his appearance into the world at 5:08 New Year’s Day morning. He weighed in at a healthy six pounds, eight ounces.

That’s pretty good for a baby who was one month premature.

The Rouls were expecting to be able to take their new son home by Thursday.

Derm said “We have all our things for him (Nathan) at home (in Clarenville).”