‘Feels like yesterday’

Thirty years have passed since the ‘Ocean Ranger’ disaster on Feb. 15, 1982

Published on February 14, 2012
The caption accompanying this picture in the Mar. 3, 1982 edition of The Southern Gazette read: “The Sacred Heart Parish Church in Marystown was the scene of just one of the many memorial services held in schools of the Burin Peninsula Roman Catholic School Board on Friday, February 19. Conducted by Father P.J. Kennedy, the memorial service for the deceased members and their families of the oil rig ‘Ocean Ranger’ was attended by all students in the Marystown R.C. school system. Also present were teachers, School Board personnel and members of the community at large. Students from the schools took part in the readings and prayers of the faithful. Similar memorial services were held in other parish churches in the school district on Friday afternoon.”

The date Feb. 15, 1982 has gone down as a day of infamy in Newfoundland and Labrador.