St. Lawrence site selected for pilot project

Health Canada handing out radon test kits

Published on January 12, 2017

St. Lawrence Mayor Paul Pike

©TC Media file photo

The town of St. Lawrence has been selected for a pilot project by Health Canada.

Mayor Paul Pike told The Southern Gazette that officials from Health Canada will be in town on Friday to hand out radon detector test kits to the residents of the town.

Pike said that 500 kits have been made available to the town and “two residents will be trained as mitigators.” 

He added that the role of the mitigators is to help provide assistance to residents should testing show high levels of radon in the home.

The testing will take place over a 90-day period, with residents recording the results in a log that comes with the test kit. 

Pike said  council was contacted by Health Canada last year about the project and since then they have been working on a time to roll it out in the town.

Lance Richardson-Prager, the regional radon specialist for the Health Canada, will also be conducting an information session at the town’s recreation centre. 

Prager said he first contacted the town approximately two years ago.

“When Canada Fluorspar Inc. was planning on restarting the mine they were doing the environmental assessment review. Allison Denning (colleague) and myself we were (among) the experts that reviewed the report. At the time we found that the area was a spot that historically had issues with radon in the past.”    

Following that, he said, they contacted St. Lawrence Town Council.

“We met with the council and offered to do town wide test(ing) of all the building in the town for radon,” said Prager.