Speeding an issue in Burin

Town using digital sign to monitor drivers    

Published on July 28, 2017

The Town of Burin is using a digital sign similar to the one shown to monitor the speed of motorists in the community.

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BURIN, NL – A lot of people are driving too fast in Burin.

The evidence comes from a digital speed monitor set up in the town, recording data from passing vehicles.

During the two weeks the digital monitor was in place, 1,327 vehicles drove past it.

Over 1,300 of those vehicles — 75 percent — were doing speeds above the posted speed limit.

“During that period of time we had…988 that were going over the speed limit,” said Burin town manager Leo Hartson. “The speed limit is only 20 kilometres because it is in a cul-de-sac.”

He explained the data collected also showed that 456 drivers were travelling between 10-25 km/h, 352 were travelling between 25-30 km/h and 136 were travelling between 30-35 km/h.

Hartson said the town has sent this information to the RCMP in Marystown.

He added the monitoring device will continue to be used at various locations around the town.