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Drunk driving simulator comes to Marystown

MARYSTOWN, NL – The Burin Peninsula chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Canada gave people an opportunity to experience the risks associated with driving while impaired in a controlled environment Wednesday.

The organization partnered with the Newfoundland Labrador Liqour Corporation’s (NLC) Responsible Choices program to set up a pedal cart course in the Sobeys parking lot in Marystown.

Drivers trying the course wore special goggles that impaired their vision, simulating the effects of alcohol.

Steve Breon of Safety 1st Driving School was one of the people who tried the course.

“It completely blows my mind how someone could drink and drive, especially after doing an obstacle course like this when you’re only going one kilometer an hour – I could never imaging being behind the wheel of a vehicle or an ATV going 90 or 100 (km/h),” he said.

Breon said the simulation would be an eye-opening experience for anyone taking part.

Breon used goggles that simulated impairment of approximately three times the legal limit in the province.

“Your vision definitely decreased,” he said. “Just handling that little cart … became 10 times more difficult. It completely threw off your vision.”

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