A great accomplishment for young Gavin and friends

Published on September 24, 2012

Three St. Lawrence Academy elementary students, accompanied by  Amber Beck, (from left), Gavin Young, Ryan Pike and Brianna Yinusa were the only Burin Peninsula students registered for the annual provincial ‘Terry Fox School Runs’ this year. Cynthia Farrell Photo

Gavin Young, a Grade 8 student of St. Lawrence Academy, wanted to participate in the ‘Terry Fox Run’.

Terry Fox inspired him, after Gavin saw his video at school. He asked his mom if he could do the run and raise money for The Terry Fox Foundation and hopefully help “find a cure for cancer.”

His mom, Kim Young, checked into it. She registered him and he started raising pledges along with several of his friends – Brianna Yinusa, Grade 3, and Amber Beck, Grade 7.

The trio ran Saturday, Sept. 15 and all three collected a total of $270.

Not only did they raise funds for cancer research, but students like Gavin learned from Terry’s example of never giving up and helping others.

This year’s Terry Fox National School Run Day takes place this Thursday, Sept. 27.

Canadian educators are vital in ensuring Terry’s legacy remains vibrant and relevant. Students are sharing his example of generosity, spirit and compassion and are provided with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many people.

It’s an experience they will never forget!