Smart Edition offers feature-packed reading experience

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Published on February 25, 2013
The Southern Gazette is online with its Smart Edition

Technology has changed the way we do just about everything, from catching up with loved ones, to listening to our favourite music. The answers to our questions are at our fingertips, and sharing our thoughts and feelings with the world takes only a click.


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Newspapers too, one of the worlds oldest mediums, are changing and adapting to meet the needs of readers in a new and exciting way.

With The Southern Gazette’s Digital Smart Edition, your favourite community newspaper is available in its full format, with crisp, clear print and high quality photos, but delivered straight to your computer, tablet or smartphone. And for this week only, we’re offering that experience with an additional 60 per cent off one-year subscriptions for any of the 14 Newfoundland and Labrador community newspapers.

The Southern Gazette Smart Edition isn’t a webpage or text-based version of the paper, it is exact digital replica of the print format you already enjoy, but in a new convenient way. When you sign up for our Smart Edition, the paper will be delivered to your computer anywhere in the world, in many cases before the paper hits shelves.

No going to the store, and no waiting for the paper carrier!

The Smart Edition is packed with features to give subscribers the best reading experience ever. The zoom function allows subscribers to make the paper’s text as big as needed, and the audio option reads articles out loud.

Easy controls enable readers to navigate through the paper with ease. Share articles with family, friends and followers with just a click, or print a page for a physical copy of an article or photo.

Most families have more than one electronic device, and with the Smart Edition’s export option, readers can start reading the paper on their home PC, and finish it on their tablet or smartphone. The Smart Edition is available for all types of devices – Android, Apple, Blackberry and Windows.

And for those that think green is the new black, the Smart Edition is a clear choice; it’s paperless so it reduces waste and is better for the environment than traditional newspapers.

The Smart Edition is great for busy families, people who live away from home and still want to keep in touch with their community, readers with visual impairment, or anyone who values convenience.

With The Southern Gazette’s Digital Smart Edition, subscribers get all these features and more with the same local content you love.

To subscribe to The Southern Gazette’s Smart Edition at this limited-time reduced price please visit ‘’.