Ah, ducks!

Burin council wondering what to do about all the waterfowl

Published on November 25, 2014
A large number of ducks wandering around some areas of Burin has raised the ire of residents in the community who have been complaining to council.
Colin Farrell Photo

The Town of Burin is going to the birds — ducks, to be exact.

Coun. Betty Francis said she has received several complaints from residents who are concerned about the number of waterfowl wandering through the community.

“They’re on people’s lawns, on their driveways, you can’t walk in your driveways sometimes. It’s a mess,” Francis said.

She isn’t the only councillor who’s heard the grumbles. Mayor Kevin Lundrigan said everyone has.

Deputy Mayor Howard Lundrigan said it’s not uncommon for people to sometimes have a few ducks on their property, but he wondered how the current situation came to be.

“Where did all these ducks come from that got out around town and nobody claims any ownership of them?” he asked.

The mayor believes the birds are being fed, as evidenced by the fact they have been known to knock on doors with their bills.

While the discussion was both lighthearted and serious, Francis said the birds, in excessive numbers, can cause issues in residential areas, particularly when they attempt to cross streets, forcing motorists to slam on their brakes or run them over if they can’t stop.

Several councillors wondered if there is a government agency that would relocate the ducks. As no one could say for sure, council asked staff to investigate possible solutions.