Portable field hospital working well in the Philippines

Published on December 4, 2014
The provincial government is touting the success of an inflatable filed hospital it purchased from Grand Bank-based Dynamic Air Shelters to help with the disaster relief effort in the Philipines following last year's deadly typhoon Haiyan.

The provincial government is promoting the usefullness of an air shelter it purchased for use as a portable field hospital in the Philippines.

The inflatable structure was bought from Grand Bank-based Dynamic Air Shelters for $151,000 last year to support disaster relief efforts following typhoon Haiyan in the Southeast Asian country.

The air shelter was set up in Sara, Lloilo Island, where the hospital was extensively damaged as a result of the tropical storm, one of the strongest ever recorded.

“As of Nov. 17, the field hospital has treated over 15,271 patients,” Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development Minister Darin King said in a news release Thursday.

The structure has played a key role in the recovery process and continues to serve as a lifesaving asset, the Grand Bank MHA added.

“The management and employees of Dynamic Air Shelters are to be congratulated on its success.”