Marystown town council asking Synard to step down as mayor

Published on September 1, 2015
Town of Marystown

Marystown town council is calling on Mayor Sam Synard to step aside from his position for violating conflict of interest rules.

Coun. Leonard Pittman tabled a notice of motion during Tuesday evening’s council meeting stating that Synard was advised several times during a closed-door discussion about a year ago that he was in conflict.

The matter involved a sewer line that was installed by Synard's brother's estate on Marine Drive.

Arguing it was a discussion and not a meeting, the mayor disagreed he was in a conflict of interest and took part in the conversation, Pittman said.

The notice of motion passed unanimously with Pittman, Coun. Ruby Hoskins, Coun. Darlene Lafosse Blagdon and Coun. Lisa Slaney, who chaired the meeting while Synard stepped out of the room, all voting for the mayor to resign.

Deputy Mayor Al Spencer and Coun. Mary Beth Farrell were not present for Tuesday’s meeting.

Synard didn't respond or comment on the notice of motion during the remainder of the meeting.

More to follow on Wednesday.

This article has been corrected to reflect Coun. Leonard Pittman tabled a notice of motion and not a motion.