Speeding motorists a concern for Swift Current residents

Published on January 8, 2016

Submitted Photo

Residents of Swift Current are asking motorists passing through their community as they travel to and from the Burin Peninsula to watch their speeds.

There’s a game with which many people travelling to and from the Burin Peninsula are familiar.

It involves guessing the number of people you will see while passing through the picturesque community of Swift Current, roughly 20 kilometres from the Trans-Canada Highway on Route 210.

The joke is that there often aren’t very many folks to be seen.

For residents who live in the town, however, the speed at which the majority of motorists whiz through is no laughing matter.

“Do they realize that you’re passing through so fast maybe you can’t see us or maybe we’re afraid to go out, afraid of (speeders),” Bridget Lake said.

The issue has been an ongoing concern for quite some time, Lake said, but residents haven’t been very vocal about it. This week, a post she made about the problem on her Facebook page was shared more than 600 times.

As Swift Current is located on the main Burin Peninsula highway, it’s a busy stretch of road with several twists and turns.

While not everyone is guilty, Lake estimated that 65 per cent of motorists fail to obey the 50-kilometre per hour speed limit, many reaching speeds up to 100 km/h. 

“We do have a school bus that goes up to our school and we do have people that like to walk and we do have vehicles that go back and forth in our town,” she said.

In the days since she went public, Lake said there seems to be a noticeable difference in some of the traffic.

She hopes speaking out will solve the problem. If not, the community is prepared to lobby for a reduction of the speed limit to 30 km/h, she said.

“We’re just asking people, slow down, that’s all,” Lake said. “Slow down when they’re coming through our town and do the speed limit.”