Down Memory Lane

A Standing Memorial to the heroism of the people of St. Lawrence and Lawn

Published on February 13, 2017

Over the years since the Truxtun and Pollux disaster, a strong bond of friendship has been forged with the people of St. Lawrence and Lawn, first by some of the survivors and now with the descendents of the rescued sailors.

Many family members of the men who were on the United States navy vessels on that fateful day in February of 1942 have since visited the sites at Chamber Cove and Lawn Point. They no doubt shudder when they try to picture what their fathers and grandfathers had to endure clinging to wreckage during a blinding snowstorm in freezing temperatures as they tried to somehow make it  to shore.

In the early 1950’s the United States government made a decision to build and furnish a hospital at St. Lawrence to show their appreciation to the people there as well as to the people of Lawn for the heroic part that they played in rescuing the 187 survivors of the Truxtun and Pollux.

In 1953 the United States Memorial Hospital was passed over to the Newfoundland government. This three-storied concrete facility served the people for some 36 years until it closed as a full-fledged hospital in 1989. It did remain open as an emergency clinic until it was replaced by the present United States Memorial Centre in 1994. The original building was then demolished.

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