Around the Grand Bank council table

Published on March 17, 2017
Grand Bank
TC Media file photo

Grand Bank council met on Monday, March 13.

Grand Bank Day moving this year

With reconstruction of the wharf downtown, a decision has been made to host Grand Bank Day festivities during this year's summer festival at the municipal centre grounds on Main Street.

Recreation director Tom Burton said a meeting will be held with committee members and town staff to work out the logistics, including the best location for the stage and booths.

Homeowners in the area will be notified once details have been finalized.

Grand Bank Day has been customarily held on the waterfront and in the downtown area for years.

50 Plus Club renovations

Plans are coming together to renovate the kitchen and washrooms at the town-owned 50 Plus Club building on Riverside West this summer.

The 50 Plus Club has received a grant in the amount of $24,495 through the New Horizons for Seniors Program to fund the project.

The work will be done by a group of club members beginning in June. 

Recreation director Tom Burton will serve as the town’s liaison for the project and be responsible for making sure the work is done to current regulations.

New animal control bylaws in the works

Council is looking to strengthen the town’s animal control regulations.

Coun. Travis Parsons has been working on the changes and consulted with the Town of Wabana, which recently added guidelines for breeding and tethering of animals to their regulations.

“It seems to be a real hot topic for people around here and we got to listen to the people in the community,” Parsons told The Southern Gazette after the meeting.

A motion was passed to send the new bylaws to the town’s solicitor to make sure there are no issues with them.

A public meeting will be held with residents for discussion before the changes are brought forward for adoption.

New municipal infrastructure program

Council briefly discussed the provincial government’s three-year municipal infrastructure program that will be introduced in the upcoming provincial budget.

Under the new cost-shared structure, Grand Bank, based on its population of less than 3,000 residents, will continue to split priority projects such as water and wastewater with the province on a 90 per cent to 10 per cent ratio.

The ratio for fire vehicles and equipment for towns with populations less than 3,000 will be split 80-20.

For all towns in the province, recreational projects and buildings, including fire halls, will be divided 60-40, while roads and other funding requests will be shared 50-50.

The province’s portions are the highest percentage in all the aforementioned ratios.

Mayor Rex Matthews pointed out council was fortunate to have secured funds to upgrade the Grand Bank Swimming Pool last year. Otherwise, the town’s contribution would have been significantly higher.

“It’s going to be pretty difficult now to do recreational projects at 40 per cent if (they cost large) amounts of money,” he said.

Concert request approved

Approval was given to block of a section of Church Street to hold an outdoor family concert with local band Grand Bank Rovers at Frazer Park on July 31.

The evening concert is free but a goodwill offering will be accepted to donate to a mental health organization.

Recreation director Tom Burton has been tasked with working out the logistics to close the street.

Last consultation for downtown redevelopment

The third and final public consultation for the town’s downtown redevelopment project is scheduled for March 23.

Town clerk Cathy Follett said councillors are encouraged to read through the updated proposal and forward any concerns or comments to the consultants.

Residents are also encouraged to attend the final session and have their say, she said.

Follett said turnout for the first two consultations was solid while Coun. Travis Parsons acknowledged there was a better age variety for the second session.

Student business approved

A permit was approved for a student business.

Business tax and permit fee was waived for Sun-gazed Soaps, a home-based homemade soap-making business, as it has been for past student-operated businesses.

Winter carnival to increase focus on youth

Recreation director Tom Burton said an effort will be made to encourage local schools to get involved in next year’s winter festival.

The recreation committee reviewed this year’s festival during its last meeting.

Burton said the committee realizes there is room to have more events for youth.

The committee will meet with the schools and other groups in advance of the festival next winter to encourage them to put off events.

Burton said the committee to a person felt a good job was done organizing this year’s festival.

“What we did we did well, but we need to step it up a little bit,” he said.