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N.L. English school board chair concerned with attendance

 Goronwy Price
Goronwy Price

Doing well in school begins with spending time there, Newfoundland and Labrador English School District board of trustees chair Goronwy Price stated.

In a press release and accompanying letter from Price issued Monday, the issue of attendance was highlighted, with district records suggesting about 10 per cent of students had 18 or more days of unexcused absences last year.

That count does not include days when absences are excused, when there are shut downs due to weather, or when there are closures as a result of maintenance issues.

“When combined, unexcused and excused absences can easily add up to one month of the 10 months of instruction lost for these students and no doubt impact their ability to learn, grow and achieve,” Price stated.

“I encourage you to stay involved in the education of your children. This can be done as simply as asking them about their day and the activities that occurred in school.”

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