Aaron Rodgers Could Be Fined For ‘Unexcused’ Absence From Jets Minicamp

Aaron Rodgers was “unexcused” from the Jets’ mandatory minicamp on Tuesday and will be fined, New York coach Robert Saleh told reporters.

Saleh said Rodgers “had an event that was very important to him” and told the Jets he wanted to attend. The fourth-year coach said Rodgers shared that intent “a while ago” and is “very good with the communication.” But the absence of the team’s star quarterback — expected to return from a serious leg injury and help New York end the NFL’s longest playoff drought — came as a shocking development to outside observers.

As he did last year after the Jets acquired him from the Green Bay Packers, Rodgers participated in New York’s voluntary organized team activities this spring, which members of the media and fans were allowed to watch. That stood in contrast to Hassan Reddick, who arrived in a trade from the Philadelphia Eagles this year and skipped OTAs. With Redick widely suspected to be unhappy with his contract, it wasn’t a shock that he was absent Tuesday, the first day of the two-day practice session that all players are required to participate in.

It was surprising that the Jets’ star quarterback apparently chose to be elsewhere, ensuring more headlines for an organization that has seen its share of drama.

Asked if he was disappointed by Rodgers, Salah played down the situation, telling reporters: “Selfishly, our guys should always be here, but when you come to these imperatives, you make the best decision yourself. … He made a decision and that’s what he went with.

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Saleh added that Rodgers and Reddick, who were at the Jets facility on Monday, were “subject to it.” [collective bargaining agreement] Good schedule.”

In January, after his shocking Week 1 Achilles tendon injury set the stage for a disappointing 7-10 campaign for the Super Bowl hopefuls Jets, Rodgers said: “We don’t have to do anything we do in this building. We have to evaluate success. … The [B.S.] Success has nothing to do with leaving the building.

Last month, Robert F. He was asked about those comments after revealing to reporters that he had been offered Kennedy Jr.’s independent presidential running mate. Rodgers’ strong support for Kennedy and apparent agreement with the candidate’s anti-vaccine views put the four-time MVP in the news over the holidays. Rodgers has gone viral for espousing conspiracy theories, and he took to social media to deny it in March CNN The report suggested years earlier that the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting was staged.

Rodgers said in May that those episodes were “offseason stuff” and insisted that “once the season starts, it’s all about football.”

On Tuesday, however, his absence prompted questions for Saleh. The coach called the situation “a great opportunity” for backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor. [first-team offense] In the next two days.”

That comment appeared to confirm that Rodgers could miss Wednesday’s mandatory session as well. Saleh pointed to the 40-year-old quarterback’s wealth of experience as a reason not to worry too much.

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“For Aaron, he’s been in the league for a while,” Saleh said. “He played at a very high level. If that makes sense, I think it’s more beneficial for Tyrod than the loss for Aaron.

Saleh also expressed composure that Reddick, a prolific sack artist in the final year of his contract with the Eagles, has not consistently averaged $15 million per year.

“He’s in a really good place, mentally, we already know, his wall off work,” Saleh said of the 29-year-old Reddick.

“When it’s time to play football, he’s going to be ready to play football,” the coach added.

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