Barry Gibb returns to talk show 'SNL' – Deadline

It was once revealed that Justin Timberlake was returning Saturday Night Live, Barry Gibb's appearance was inevitable.

Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon brought The Barry Gibb Talk Show Back for its seventh appearance – it was the last on the show for more than 10 years.

See above.

As always, the Tonight's show The host and former NSync star plays Barry Gibb and his quiet brother Robin, who has nothing to add.

Gibbs was joined by Bowen Yang, Keenan Thompson and host Dakota Johnson, with the Bee Keys' “Nights on Broadway” as the basis for their skit.

“You're like Don King ate another Don King,” said Fallon's Barry Gibb. “I fear nothing; I saw Saltburn With my whole family and I already know about the bathtub scene.

“I am legend; I haven't cried in 77 years except at the Australian show Blue color,” he added. “If you don't cry in Blue, you're not a real man.”

The sketch began in 2003 when Timberlake hosted and Fallon was still on staff. Timberlake and his then-girlfriend Cameron Diaz brought it back when they were doing a commercial with Fallon. Fever pitchIn April 2005. Timberlake and Fallon returned in December 2006, May 2009 and May 2011, before Tonight in December 2013, when Barry Gibb made a surprise appearance, a year after Robin's death, for its last skit.

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