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Centreville N.L. company making strides forward with funding from the provincial government

Fogo Island-Cape Freels MHA Derrick Bragg is joined by Sheena Pickett, Bill Noble and Shane Noble of New Wood Manufacturers Inc.
Fogo Island-Cape Freels MHA Derrick Bragg is joined by Sheena Pickett, Bill Noble and Shane Noble of New Wood Manufacturers Inc. - Contributed

Business Investment Fund supports partnership with New Wood Manufacturers Inc.


With an investment from the provincial government of $62,570, matched by New Wood Manufacturers Inc. for a total of $125,140, the company was able to purchase equipment that makes it possible to have efficient production of stairway treads, handrails and other components.

New Wood Manufacturers Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of wood products for use in residential and commercial industries.

Funding from the Business Investment Fund will allow the company to purchase equipment which will improve and specialize production.

“Through our investment in New Wood Manufacturers we are helping the company grow its manufacturing operation while seeking innovative ways to diversify into new market segments that complement its core manufacturing operations,” said Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation Minister

Christopher Mitchelmore.

In addition, support will also allow New Wood Manufacturers Inc. to import in bulk for more effective redistribution to their customers. This equipment will allow the company to become a leading local manufacturer of this niche product.

LEAN manufacturing is an effective method of reducing waste within the manufacturing process while developing a culture of continuous improvement, and this technique has made a significant impact on the competitiveness of New Wood Manufacturers Inc.

“As one of the leading manufacturers of stair components in Newfoundland and Labrador, the addition of a 12-inch moulder increases our capacity to produce stair treads, thus reducing our importing of finished products,” said New Wood Manufacturers Inc. president Bill Noble.

The company has experienced reduced lead times, improved inventory control and improved flow. The introduction of a computerized “Production Tracking System” has improved management of finished products throughout the plant, improved delivery times and increased overall customer satisfaction. New Wood Manufacturers Inc. is said to be an example of a clean, efficient, modern facility utilizing new technology in rural Newfoundland and Labrador.

Established in 1989, New Wood Manufacturers Inc. operates in a 22,000 sq. foot facility in Centreville. The company employs 16 skilled workers, and sells product to wholesale customers such as Kent Building Supplies, Ledrew Lumber Ltd., and Notre Dame Building Supplies Ltd, as well as specialty contractors such as the Hardwood Depot.

“This is exciting news for New Wood Manufacturers Inc., the community, and residents of Centreville,” said Fogo Island — Cape Freels MHA Derrick Bragg. “By working together, we see the results of the hard work put towards strengthening and diversifying Centreville’s economy; providing positive outcomes for those living in the district.”

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