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Falmouth craftsman turns request from daughter into business of shaping metal into art

Making Sparks Fly

Photos/video by Mark Goudge

Al Mailman works on a piece he calls grape vines that he is preparing for sale from his workshop in Falmouth. (Mark Goudge/SaltWire Network)
Al Mailman spends time at his computer working on ideas to create future metal works of art out of his workshop in Falmouth. What started off as a hobby creating works for his daughter in 2002 has progressed into a job creating custom pieces for customers to creations from his own imagination. (Mark Goudge/SaltWire Network)
When sparks fly during Al Mailman’s work day it is all part of the creative process. (Mark Goudge/SaltWire Network)
Al Mailman shows off a couple of his pieces of work. a butterfly and one he calls “The Ocean” he is doing for a customer in Brooklyn in Queens county. (Mark Goudge/SaltWire Network)

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