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Future of recreation complex

Marystown voted in favour of signing an agreement with the YMCA for the new recreation complex at its regular meeting Oct. 20.

“As most people are aware we have been in talks with the Y in regards to the operating and lease agreement of our new recreation complex,” said Coun. Mary Beth Farrell, recreation complex committee chairwoman.


“I want to bring forward a couple motions tonight. One is to sign the lease and operating agreement between the town of Marystown and the Y,” she added.

The agreement between the town and the YMCA would see the organization take operation of the facility.

“What it means for the YMCA,” said Jason Brown, the organization’s Newfoundland and Labrador CEO. “We will be a part of life in Marystown for the next 20 years.”

Brown said talks with the town have been ongoing for a number of years, and he is excited to be moving forward, “We are really pleased to have this agreement with the town to operate the new recreation complex,” Brown said.

He added this is a great opportunity for both the residents of the Burin Peninsula and the YMCA.

“Our programs focus on healthy active living, and as we did our early surveys in the community, the surveys showed that there would be a great demand for what we do,” said Brown.

With the facility nearing completion, Farrell said she is making every effort to make sure the various groups in the community have access to the facilities.


“We talk to them about the swimming pool (and the) swim team, so we will be working in an agreement with the Y and our local swim team so they can (have) access,” she said.


Farrell added any memberships purchased once the local YMCA is in operation can be used at the organization's other locations. She could not give exact details on the price of membership, but said it will be “very affordable.”

“And membership also includes swimming lessons and that as well,” she said.


She said the town hopes to have a representative from the YMCA visit to hold a public information session on the programming offered.


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