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More oil at Hibernia, regulator says

The Hibernia oil field is officially expected to produce more oil than it was yesterday.

The Hibernia platform is pictured here with a supply boat off the east coast of Newfoundland.
— Photo courtesy Suncor Energy

The Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board has increased its estimate on the overall amount of oil to be produced, from 1,395 million barrels set in 2010 to 1,644 million barrels.

The increases come from board staff and have been completed on other oil fields in recent years, as extensions and new information on the fields are absorbed.

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In April 2013, the board added 87 million barrels to the reserve estimate for the Terra Nova oil field, to reflect upgrades to the floating production vessel and flowlines used to tap into the field.

For the Hibernia field, the CNLOPB states the increase reflects information gained through geoscience work, drilling and production at three reservoirs within the larger oil field: the Hibernia reservoir, the Ben Nevis-Avalon reservoir and the Catalina reservoir.

The Hibernia reservoir has seen new development activity in recent years, with the Hiberia Southern Extension; new drilling and data collection has discovered more oil than once thought at the Ben-Nevis-Avalon reservoir; and reserves have been added from the Catalina reservoir, where a pilot production of oil was first undertaken in 2013.

The reserve estimate is not an industry-direct number, but reflects the total amount of oil the CNLOPB staff of scientists and analysts expects to see recovered from the field at this point.

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