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NL recreational boaters launch new provincial association

The newly formed Newfoundland and Labrador Recreational Boaters Association (NLRBA) is seeking volunteer members for the steering committee to help form the new association.

The NLRBA seeks to be the official voice for the recreation boating community in the province and intends to work with all levels of government for the growth, development and promotion of marine recreation.

Its mandate is also to work with regulatory bodies to improve awareness, seamanship and boating safety while also enhancing the overall experience through communication, social gatherings and general participation.

“Marine recreation not only brings obvious benefits to marinas and local harbour authorities but it also injects money directly into local businesses,” read a release from the association. “Marine suppliers, fuel stations, restaurants, supermarkets and many other retailers each stand to realize the positive aspects of a growing marine recreation sector.”

The province has over 17,000 kilometres of coastline and more than 7,000 small islands, which the NLRBA believes represents an opportunity to expand tourism foster economic growth in rural parts of the province.

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