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UPDATE: Corner Brook hotel workers preparing to strike Thursday


Greenwood Inn and Suites staff and management have reached a new contract agreement.

CORNER BROOK  Fortis management are preparing for employees of Greenwood Inn and Suites in Corner Brook to go on strike tomorrow.

Mary Tucker, manager of corporate communications, said the company was notified Wednesday that employees would take job action Thursday.

About 40 general service workers have been in legal strike position since rejecting a tentative agreement and passing a strike mandate Sunday. A resolve could not be reached through meetings between the negotiating committee and Fortis management Tuesday.

Tucker said it is unfortunate the stalemate has reached this point, and the focus is on maintaining as high level of service as possible at the hotel.

“The hotel will remain open,” she said. “We will make every effort to minimize any disruption to our guests.”

Wayne Butler, union representative of Unifor, said Wednesday they were still hoping to avoid a job action, but that there is potential to have a “strike on our hands fairly quickly.”

The union representative said the break down is solely monetary, and that the company presented a wage package to members that was not acceptable. No future negotiations have been scheduled yet.

Negotiations have been ongoing since about April, and the tentative agreement had been reached about three weeks ago with the aid of a conciliation officer, according to Butler. The employees are working under the old contract until a new one can be ratified.

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CORNER BROOK  Greenwood Inn and Suites general service staff in Corner Brook could potentially be on strike any time now, according to a Unifor union representative.

A resolve could not be reached in negotiations between staff and Fortis management Tuesday, according Wayne Butler.

The union represents about 40 employees. Wages are the stumbling block, said Butler.

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