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Clarenville Enactus launches Victory Centre at CNA campus

The Victory Centre launch last Thursday, Oct. 25.
The Victory Centre launch last Thursday, Oct. 25. - Contributed

Safe space to provide support for mental health in community


For those looking for a safe space, along with great resources for positive mental health initiatives, Clarenville Enactus has a solution.

As one of the group’s projects, Enactus has launched the Victory Centre at the library in the College of the North Atlantic (CNA) building.

Enactus president Sara Short told The Packet the idea for the centre the idea stemmed from last year’s national competition, where The Cooperators presented a new category for projects benefiting mental health.

Since then, the local students have been discussing the project, which became the Victory Centre. About a dozen members are working on the project for the centre.

The Victory Centre is free for anyone who wants to participate in different activities relating to positive mental health.

Guided meditation, for example, is one of the activities, while financial management workshops may be another—all relating to coping with mental health issues.

That said, people are welcome to come to the centre, which meets on Thursday evenings at 7-9 p.m. and not feel obligated to participate in the activities. They’re welcome to come and be present while using the area as a safe, no-judgement zone.

Short says the centre is named in recognition of her friend Victoria Best, a Clarenville woman who died last December after struggling with depression.

“She always told me, ‘People often don’t want to go and sit down in an office and wait to see a counsellor.’”

Short says, at the centre, they’re able to help with small reminders and suggestions on how to cope with mental health struggles like panic attacks, depression or anxiety.

The centre has established a schedule of activities for November which consists of:

• Nov. 1 – Creative You!

• Nov. 8 – Art Therapy

• Nov. 15 – Mental Health and Addictions

• Nov. 22 – Financial Well Being (Budgeting)

• And Nov. 29 – Music Therapy.

More coming up for Enactus

Enactus also has many other projects ongoing this year like a financial management system for Grades 4-6, which previously ran a program with Youthtube.

The structure included the children doing chores at home to earn “beans” which represent money. They could choose to save or spend the beans on fun products provided to them. In the end, they were also presented with the opportunity to donate beans they saved to charity, which Enactus is matching with real funds for local charities like the SPCA.

They are also working on an eco-living project which sees them recycle T-shirts and make them into mats.

“We’re diverting those T-shirts from the landfill and making mats out of them and we’re selling them,” says Short.

She explains that the hula-hoop mats are designed as a business venture that also is eco-friendly.

The Atlantic regional competition is in Nova Scotia this March.

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