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Green Team back in action in Marystown

Green Team members Spencer Barnes, Brandon Clarke, Kelsey Emberley, and Kyle Kelly.
Green Team members Spencer Barnes, Brandon Clarke, Kelsey Emberley, and Kyle Kelly.

MARYSTOWN, NL - They might not have special rings that can summon an environmental cartoon superhero from the mid ‘90s, but a group of youth from the Burin Peninsula are doing their part to help.

Brandon Clarke, Kelsey Emberley, Kyle Kelly and Spencer Barnes are this year’s member of the Smallwood Crescent Community Centre Green Team.
Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador started the Green Team Program in 1993, and it has since become the organization’s flagship initiative.
The Green Team Programs offers students eight weeks of summer employment and training in the environmental and cultural fields, while providing services to communities in the province.
Members take part in clean up and beautification efforts in their community and surrounding areas.
This is the sixth year the centre has partnered with Conservation Corps NL for the Green Team Project.
Although the team is just getting started they have already competed a few events.
Team leader Brandon Clarke said they have already completed a number of neighborhood clean ups in the areas of Smallwood Crescent and Atlantic Place.
“So far it’s (made) a big difference,” he said. “Just picking up garbage along the side of the road out around town, or out around the housing areas, it’s crazy how much garbage we found around that we didn’t know, that you couldn’t even see because it was down over the banks.”
Clarke estimates that they have collected between 12-16 garbage bags full of discarded litter from the two house locations and the stretch of route 210 that runs from McDonald’s to Wal-Mart. He said coffee cups make up a large percentage of the waste they pick up.
Clarke, who for the last couple of summers has coached in the youth softball program, looks at the team as an opportunity to do something different while still having the opportunity to work outside.
Other events that the team have taken part in include maintenance of planter boxes outside the centre, as well as planting flowers. They have a number of projects in the works.
“We are waiting to hear from Ducks Unlimited to see when we’re going to go and see the duck houses that they made to see if they were used,” said Kelsey.
Last years team partnered with Ducks Unlimited to place nesting boxes in select areas on the Burin Peninsula. This year they will check the boxes to see if they were used, as well as prepare the boxes for future use.
The team also held a number of environmental awareness events, one being July 11 at the Echo Trail in Winterland. That event consisted of a scavenger hunt. Last week they also took a group of kids to the Golden Sands Resort for the Green Team to teach them the importance of keeping the oceans clean.

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