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Students participate in Grand Bank Lions Peace Poster contest

Youth share artistic visions of future of peace

GRAND BANK, NL – Students from Lake Academy and St. Joseph’s Academy recently participated in an activity that encouraged them to think about peace, express what it means to them and share their vision with the wider community.

The students participated in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest, sponsored by the Grand Bank Lions Club. Students artistically expressed their views of this year’s theme, “The Future of Peace,” emphasizing the importance of world peace to young people everywhere.

St. Joseph’s Academy student Kerry Dodge took first place in her school. Hailey Boland was named second-place winner, and Caitlyn Edwards came in third.

Shothvihan Logendraraj placed first among the Lake Academy entries, with Tyra Tulk and Haley Piercey taking the second and third positions.

Perceptive comments

Students were encouraged to write comments on what world peace means to them to accompany their artistic interpretations of the theme.

Shothvihan Logendraraj emphasized “oneness” in his comment.

“I think that peace in the future is the whole world joined together as one. I think that in ‘future peace,’ you can go anywhere you want and feel safe and equal with everyone,” he said.

Other students were rather philosophical in their approach to peace.

“Don't let people pull you into a storm. Pull them into your peace. Storms don't last forever,” commented Kerry Dodge.

For another student, living in peace is all about equality.

“Peace is important to me because, in my opinion, no matter what colour your skin is, your beliefs or your culture, we should treat everyone equally,” noted Tyra Tulk.

Grand Bank Lions Club president Walt Baker said he was impressed by the students’ creativity and their views on the future of world peace.

“Working with youth is a big part of our mandate as Lions,” he said. “These young people obviously have strong ideas about what peace means to them. We are proud to be able to provide them with the opportunity to share their visions.”

Winning entries at the club level will advance to district competition and if successful at that level, move on to multiple district and international competition.

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