Heavy storms, snow threaten Thanksgiving trip

Severe storms and possible snow could cause some Thanksgiving travel problems.

National Weather Service (NWS) said Tuesday afternoon Disturbances are likely through Wednesday on the East Coast, with “very good travel conditions for the rest of the nation.”

Forecasters are calling for “widespread heavy rain” across the region, although the Mid-Atlantic and South could get some much-needed rain after a dry spell.

“Two major storm systems are expected to affect the country with rain, thunderstorms and wintry weather,” NWS Forecast Center Published in XThe site formerly known as Twitter.

Forecasters suggested a “white Thanksgiving possible” in northern New York and New England. Parts of New Hampshire and Maine could get up to 6 inches of snow.

Thursday will be an easy day for travel across much of the United States, the NWS said, except for travelers in the northern Rockies and northern High Plains, where snow will accumulate from Thanksgiving morning.

As traffic at airports increased, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) warned Tuesday morning that thunderstorms could cause delays in major hubs Charlotte and Atlanta. Cloudy and windy conditions may affect flights at other East Coast airports.

Flights to Charlotte were briefly grounded Tuesday afternoon, forcing a low-ceiling halt to take off. The FAA estimates that it will be lifted around 4:15pm EST.

“Check your flight status with your airline,” the FAA posted Tuesday morning Link to tracker.

The weather news comes amid record numbers of people traveling for Thanksgiving.

AAA predicted 55.4 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles between the Wednesday and Sunday following Thanksgiving.

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) estimates it will screen 2.6 million passengers on Tuesday and 2.7 million on Wednesday. According to the Associated Press.

Sunday could bring even bigger crowds, with the TSA expecting to screen 2.9 million passengers, breaking the record set in June.

There is also New York City Posted a travel advisory Tuesday to Wednesday. In a press release Monday, the city said it was doing so “in anticipation of wet and windy weather conditions.”

“This week, as we focus on family, friends and all the things we’re thankful for, New Yorkers should also remember to keep an eye on the weather,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D). publication. “We’re bracing for heavy rain and strong winds over the next few days, which means everyone needs to bundle up and wear extra layers when going outside.”

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