Hoda Kotb invites Kelly Rowland back to 'Today' and offers to share her dressing room

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Kelly Rowland and Hoda Kotb


Hoda wants to see Kotb singer Kelly Rowland Back to “Today with Hoda & Jenna” Soon.

Jenna Bush Hager had a day off before the “Mea Culpa” star left NBC studios last week to fill in for Kotb's co-host on “Hoda & Jenna,” but Kotb said On Tuesday's episode of the show she only had “love” for Roland.

“I have a lot of love and admiration for Kelly Rowland,” Kotb said. “I adore her and I want her back on our show.”

Rowland made a guest appearance on “Today” an hour earlier. is reported Her co-host walked out of the studio before her co-hosting gig after expressing displeasure with the dressing room she was given.

Without directly confirming the reports, Kotb said on Tuesday that Roland may share his dressing room when he returns to their show.

“We'll be together,” laughed Godb. “I want to say we love her. We've loved her on this show for many, many, many years.

CNN has reached out to Rowland's representative for comment on the matter.

Singer Rita Ora filled in for Rowland as Kotb's co-host, saying Tuesday that Kotb “came in at the last second and did a really amazing job.”

“We have great girls on this show,” Hager admitted.

In a funny turn of events, Rowland appeared on Monday's episode of The Sherri Shepard Show and was well taken care of — at least according to an Instagram post Shepard left on her show's official page.

“Oh, we gave her a beautiful room!” Shepherd wrote In the comments, Roland responded to a user who commented on their assumption that the dressing room was “acceptable”.

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It remains to be seen if Rowland will return to “Hoda & Jenna.”

Meanwhile, both Kotb and Hager jokingly agreed during Tuesday's show that Hager isn't allowed to take a day off again until 2026.

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