House Oversight Committee Subpoenas Hunter and James Biden

The House Oversight Committee subpoenaed Hunter and President Joe Biden’s son and brother, James Biden, the committee announced Wednesday, setting up a much-anticipated showdown as House Republicans continue to probe whether the president committed impeachable wrongdoing over his family’s foreign business dealings. – a high bar they have yet to meet.

The Republican-led committee said it subpoenaed Rob Walker, a business associate of the Biden family, and sought voluntary interviews with a list of people including James Biden’s wife, Sarah Biden, and Hallie Biden, the widow of the president’s eldest son. Beau Biden, who had an affair with Hunter Biden, and Tony Populinski, another business associate of the president’s son.

Wednesday’s subpoenas are the first time the committee has directly subpoenaed members of the Biden family and focused on a list of high-profile interviews Republicans want to conduct before the Republicans conclude their impeachment inquiry against the president.

But even as their end game comes into focus, it’s unclear how long the effort will take or whether House Republicans can sufficiently convince their GOP colleagues.

The White House, which has dismissed Gomer’s investigation at every turn, issued a memo following the panel’s latest move to subpoena members of the Biden family.

“With less than a week to go before House Republicans plunge the country back into a damaging and confusing government shutdown, the most radical voices in their party, like James Comer, are trying to distract themselves from repeated failures to govern,” White House spokesman Ian Sams wrote.

He continued, “Instead of using the power of Congress to continue a partisan political smear campaign against the president and his family, serious House Republicans should do their jobs.”

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Republicans have been poring over Hunter Biden’s bank records and foreign business dealings for months. Based on information they received, they said the Biden family received more than $24 million from foreigners over a period of about five years from countries such as China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Kazakhstan.

The House Oversight Committee, a Kentucky Republican, said in a statement that it will bring in members of the Biden family and their associates to question the evidence.

Recently, House Oversight Republicans released two personal checks from James and Sarah to Joe Biden that had the words “debt repayment” written on the front and occurred while Joe Biden was not in elected office.

After receiving money from countries like China and Romania, Walker wired parts to some members of the Biden family. FBI In 2020, “Ah.., I never thought at any point that VP was a part of anything we do.”

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