Jonathan Van Ness' 'Rage Issues' Cause 'Fear' on 'Queer Eye' Set, Tensions Among Fab 5: Disclosure


Jonathan Van Ness was accused of having anger issues, which led people on the set of “Queer Eye” to experience “fear” with their outbursts. Rolling Stone Expression Published on Tuesday.

“[There’s] There's a real fear around them when they get angry,” a source who has worked with the Netflix star told the publication.

“It's almost like a cartoon where it comes out of them. It's intense and scary.

Jonathan Van Ness reportedly displayed anger issues on the set of “Queer Eye.” Getty Images for Vivienne Tam
Van Ness starred in “Queer Eye” alongside Karamo Brown, Dan France, Bobby Berg and Anthony Borowski. Ilana Panich-Linsmann/Netflix
“Queer Eye” has been rerun since 2018. Good pictures

Van Ness, 36, has a shouting match “at least once a week,” the insider said, noting that they're “a screamer.”

Other sources are said to have used words such as “monster,” “nightmare” and “disgraceful” to describe Van Ness.

A representative for the TV personality, who identifies as non-binary, could not immediately be reached for comment. Netflix did not immediately respond to our request.

Sources described Van Ness as a “monster,” “nightmare” and “despicable.” Good pictures
A source described Van Ness' anger issues as “extreme and terrible.” Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows

Rolling Stone reported that at least three people felt Van Ness was emotionally “abusive” and had “anger issues”.

Not only the co-stars but also the crew were among those who felt their wrath.

Netflix execs reportedly met with Van Ness at least once about their alleged misconduct, but reveals that little ultimately changed from that discussion.

“There's no accountability,” said one insider.

Netflix reportedly held at least one meeting with Van Ness over alleged mistreatment of their co-stars and crew. Carin Baer/Netflix
“Queer Eye” has won 10 Emmys. Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

Sources also told Rolling Stone that Van Ness's behavior “freaked out” the rest of the cast.

“When he comes to the shoot, if he's in a bad mood everything changes,” explained a source. “Working with him is very difficult in any way.”

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Another source added, “How is it not obvious to everyone that none of these guys are friends? None of them are. They don't socialize. They live very different lives.

The tension between the members of the Fab Five – which includes Karamo Brown, Dan France, Bobby Berg and Anthony Borowski – however their success will not come as a shock to fans of the show.

The cast of “Queer Eye” reportedly had a lot of tension on set — despite their on-screen personas. Ilana Panich-Linsmann/Netflix
“How is it not obvious to everyone that none of these people are friends?” an insider asked Rolling Stone. Christopher Smith/Netflix

Earlier this year, Berg, 42, confirmed she had a fight with France, 40, behind the scenes.

“There was a situation, and it's between Dan and I, and it had nothing to do with the show,” the interior designer — who ultimately decided to leave the show — told Vanity Fair in January.

“It brewed something personal — and nothing romantic, to make that clear.”

Brown, 43, revealed last year that she, Berg and Van Ness were not invited to Borowski's bachelor party.

Van Ness was one of three co-stars not invited to Borowski's bachelor party. Getty Images for EJAF
Van Ness has not responded to the allegations against them. jvn/Instagram

“Listen, I'm all about being honest and being open. We're not invited,” the self-help guru said in a September 2023 episode of “Watch What's Happening With Andy Cohen.”

However, he appeared to downplay the temptation, saying, “Here's the thing, family things like this — family things, weddings — cost money, so I don't blame it.”

“There was absolutely tension between everyone,” a production source told Rolling Stone before insisting, “especially from Jonathan Van Ness.”

Brown (seen in green in the middle) reveals some divisions within the group. Getty Images for Netflix
A source says the tension behind the scenes mostly came from Van Ness. jvn/Instagram

“He doesn't want to share the spotlight with anyone,” the insider said. “There were times when we couldn't even film scenes with some members of the Fab Five because it got so bad.”

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Van Ness has been a breakout star since returning to TV in 2018 with the revamped “Queer Eye.”

In December 2019, they became the first non-women to grace the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, and have since become pioneers for trans rights issues.

Van Ness advocates for trans rights. Getty Images for Netflix
The TV star identifies as non-binary. Instagram/jvn

“As much good as he wants to do in the world, I think it's pretty hypocritical,” said one insider.

“There's a definite contrast between the principles and values ​​that Jonathan publicly stands for. They really center around this warmth, love and concern for others.

And the page six you want…

The source continued, “There's a real difference between that and the way they treat people close to them. It is the opposite of what he is told and paid for.

“A lot of it is hypocritical,” one source said of Van Ness's advocacy work. jvn/Instagram
Netflix did not respond to requests for comment about Van Ness or their hit show. Courtesy of Netflix

However, one person pointed out that Van Ness has many layers, including the ability to be “very hot, very attractive” and to make someone “feel really good”.

However, the insider concludes, “But at least once a day, they have to yell at someone.

“It might be something small, but there's always going to be someone to point and blame and make you the villain of the day.” =url_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site%20buttons&utm_campaign=site%20buttons

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