Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood ran for president in a bonkers Tucker Carlson interview.


Kevin Spacey used his long-rejected “House of Cards” role to deliver an eerie and ominous message on Christmas Eve and tease a fictional presidential election.

The embattled Spacey — portrayed as a crooked politician who takes out his opponents at any cost — said in an eerie interview with Tucker Carlson that he is pursuing a 2024 run.

“I've always believed that nothing should be off the table in life or in art,” Spacey tells Tucker Carlson menacingly in his character's South.

“I think we can both agree that we need to bring some elders back into the room. So, if that means assuming the leadership, that's what I'm willing to do for this great nation,” he added.

Spacey rekindled his odd tradition of releasing secret videos on Christmas Eve. His character doesn't think it's too late to throw his hat in the ring.

“I think there's time. I've never been afraid to be a little late to the dance,” he said, later crudely describing running for president as “jumping with a bone in the Jacuzzi.”

Kevin Spacey has updated his secret Christmas Eve video messaging trick. @kevinspacey / Youtube

Spacey's smash hit Netflix show stars Frank Underwood, a smart and cunning Democrat who rises from majority whip in the lower house to become president, sometimes using ruthless tactics to assassinate his opponents.

The New Jersey-born actor was later fired from his role in the 6th and final season, which aired in 2018, after several sexual assault allegations against him came to light.

Spacey has denied some of the allegations against him and was in the summer Four acquitted of sexual assault case Men by a London jury.

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During the bonkers interview with Carlson, the scandalous actor wished the audience a Merry Christmas, but his Yuletide took a white Christmas in a very different direction.

“The truth is, there's nothing better than hitting a line on this day, drinking whiskey and coke, hitting a reindeer in my car and wishing you the naughtiest Christmas ever,” he said nonchalantly about his Christmas plans. .

He cut eyebrow-raising videos like Christmas Eve between 2018 and 2020.

Carlson, who was fired from Fox News in April, said at times he didn't know who he was really talking to and asked: “Is this just an episode or is this real?”

“Well, it's a little bit of both,” Spacey drawled enigmatically.

Both Tucker Carlson and Kevin Spacey were signed up by their networks. @kevinspacey / Youtube

“I mean Tucker, what's true and what's false? What is life? What is art? What is the truth? What is performance? I like it when these things intersect because it's interesting.

At one point, Spacey put Carlson on the spot, noting that he needed a vice president.

“What role do you want to play? I mean, if I were to run, I'd need a vice president,” Spacey said.

“I'll sleep on it,” Carlson said without missing a beat. He faces some talk of being Donald Trump's running mate in 2024.

Appearing in character, Spacey teased that he would be an independent if he were to make a hypothetical run.

The actor took a victory lap in the summer as he was released in London. ROM@MEGA

“Whatever my party is, even though I don't recognize my old party, I have always been independent all my life,” he said.

Underwood was a Democrat on the show and hinted that she would restore order as president.

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“We're so close to having a beanbag chair in the Oval Office. We're calling everybody,” he lamented.

“You think you're a bunny? That's fine. But I'll tell you something. If it weren't for Easter, you wouldn't see someone walking through my White House with bunny ears and a tail,” he added, referring to some unique individuals who have passed by the Executive House.

When asked how the nation got to this point, Spacey replied, “Fear, fear, and then some more fear.”

Spacey expressed displeasure with the current presidential candidates on his Underwood front. The Republican presidential primary is set to hold its first contest – the Iowa caucuses on January 15, 2024.

Kevin Spacey wishes the audience a Merry Christmas. @kevinspacey / Youtube

“I like Vivek, filter Ramasamy. And Nikki Haley is tough and has no doubt learned a thing or two from me,” Spacey said when asked about the 2024 contestants.

“Ultimately, I think we need someone in the White House who is fearless like me — who is not afraid to push our country or a journalist in the right direction if it comes to that,” he added, pointing to Underwood pushing a journalist. Her death in the DC Metro.

Since being fired from Fox News, Carlson has launched a show on the X and Tucker Carlson network subscription service.

In the past two months, he has interviewed controversial figures such as Andrew Tate, Alex Jones, Martin Shkreli and more.

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