Legend of Zelda’s Zonai theories are back after a new TOTK trailer

The Floria River meanders gently around the Faron Meadow, a watershed that must be crossed before reaching the Sonai Ruins. The ruins are buried deep in the dense forests of the region, where monoliths built by the Sonai still stand after centuries. They were probably built before Hyrule even existed.

For most The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Players, this is nothing more than a land area on Hyrule’s massive map with some structures, mysterious runs, and some quests. You can also take it Breath of the WildBarbarian Armor in Pharon – the item description once again nods to the “ancient warlike tribes” that inhabited the region – also moved.

But a group of Zelda theorists expect Zonai to play a bigger role in what’s to come The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. And They finally have their irrefutable proof.

The ruins of Sonai, separated from Shekha and the mystery of the prehistoric tribes that inhabited the area, have fascinated Zelda fans for years. Twitter and Reddit have been awash with analysis, and YouTube creators have furthered the theory with any permission from Nintendo. Some believe that Sonai is connected to the Triad and the powers of its gods: Power, Courage and Wisdom. There is a possible theory, which is pointed out The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessAlso, another game that is considered connected Tears of the Kingdom. Sonai doctrines are much talked about as tribes Almost became a meme; Where there are Jonah theorists, there are always naysayers telling researchers to shut up already.

As of Tuesday, however, Zonai enthusiasts have been vindicated: While some fans thought there was Zonai symbolism in previous trailers, a March gameplay presentation with producer Eiji Aonuma confirmed the tie-in for the first time. It’s a small moment, really. Link is on a sky island struggling with a construction with many sticks; Once he defeats the new enemy, he takes some of its remaining pieces, one of which is called the “Jonai Charge”.

The addition of those two little words lends credence to earlier theories about more profound clues to Sona’s influence; Breath of the Wild It includes many ancient architectures depicting various creatures such as snakes and dragons, particularly rune carvings in style. Some theorists thought they recognized the carvings Tears of the Kingdommarketing material, Including the logo of the game.

Sonai payment item is not really responding Any Questions about Sonai Who are they? Where did they go? Are they really extinct? Are they related to the gods? What are Zonai charges used for? But it is will do Would recommend it Tears of the Kingdom There may be some answers. Personally, I think Jonay’s charge is connected to those little green vials hanging from Link’s belt – maybe they even power some of his new abilities. Construction was especially shown in the Sky Islands, and perhaps there is a connection there.

Or maybe these aren’t all important details, and Nintendo just threw us a red herring. Tears of the KingdomThe film’s release date is May 12, so we’re just over a month away.

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