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Author encouraged by readers to write third novel on fictional family

Darlene Lee, writing under her maiden name Darlene Butt, has three books that involve a fictional family in a fictional Newfoundland town published. Here, she poses for a photo in Kindale Public Library.
Darlene Barry has three books that involve a fictional family in a fictional Newfoundland town published. Here, she poses for a photo in Kindale Public Library. - Frank Gale

For Darlene Barry, reading was always such an adventure. It provided her with things that she thought she would never see or do, so it wasn’t a stretch at all to become a writer.

“I don’t ever remember not writing or not being able to read,” the 54-year-old Port au Port East woman said.

Born in St. George’s, Barry said her family spent 10 years in Heatherton, then moved to Stephenville before she went to Oshawa, Ont., where she lived and worked for 23 years. She recently returned to the area and now lives in Port au Port East.

Barry said she always liked a happy ending and as a young girl she was drawn towards book genres like Harlequin Romance, historical romance, love biographies and autobiographies.

She’s written since she was a child and her sister-in-law Mary Barry has every story that she has written.

“She always was my biggest fan, telling me I had to get everything I wrote published,” Barry said.

Writing under her maiden name Darlene Barry, she has now authored three books.  “The Story of Margaret” — her first book – was written many years ago.

“There was always something about Margaret’s story that resembled parts of my life growing up, so I felt her story needed to be the beginning,” Barry said.

She said Margaret came to fruition after she joined the Kindale Library Writers’ Group with support from authors Candace Osmond and Janice Godin, its founders.

“I really clicked with Candace and the two of them showed us (members) the way of self-publishing,” she said. “Candace took me under her wing and said, ‘we’re going to do this’ and saw me through the process.”

Margaret’s story is about an older woman with a secret.

Her follow-up book is “Moonbeam,” which is about Margaret’s granddaughter Lacy, who wants to be a writer. Lacy stumbles on to Margaret’s secret when delving into her grandmother’s life as she is researching to write a story about her.

In that book Lacy meets Lance McCarthy and their hope is to live happily ever after. Her grandmother’s secret is revealed in the book.

Barry said so many people fell in love with the characters that she got messages and emails to continue the life of Lacy, which resulted in a third book entitled “Love, Friendship and Loyalty.”

That one reveals a secret Lacy’s grandfather Frank had kept and eventually results in Lacy and Lance’s parents and both their business agents going to Ireland to better understand the secret.

Barry has also written a booklet entitled “A Journey for a Memory and the Final Journey’ based on her mom Beatrice Barry, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and the gifts from her as she struggled towards her death.

All of Barry's books are available on Amazon, or for hard copies she can be contacted through Facebook under Darlene Barry.

The next book she hopes to publish is entitled “Code of Conduct” – a contemporary story.

The Story of Margaret:
For eighty-year-old Margaret Blanchard, Pleasant Cove, NL is her own little spot of heaven. That is, until her granddaughter Lacy, a freelance writer, takes a job in Inner Harbour where Margaret grew up. Margaret has a secret that she has never told a living soul, not even her husband of sixty-two years or her best friend since childhood, Mallory Johnson. Now Margaret has to break the promise she made to her granddaughter the day she was born. She has to lie to Lacy to protect the secret. But some secrets can't stay hidden forever, and some secrets just won't die.
Lacy Blanchard is returning to Pleasant Cove and the beautiful house on the banks of the ocean. Having achieved her dream of becoming a published author, she's ready to return and share her news with her grandmother, just in a different way. Lacy also finds out that there is still magic in Pleasant Cove when she meets her new neighbour Lance McCarthy. Lance is an artist who is handsome, kind, mysterious and she can't deny the attraction and she wonders where it will lead.
Love,Friendship & Loyalty:

When Lacy and Lance McCarthy decided to do some home renovations, they discover a secret that was buried for over seventy years. Lacy realizes that this secret has the potential to hurt someone she deeply loves, but feels she must divulge what they found. The secret allows Lance the opportunity to give Lacy an amazing and unforgettable wedding anniversary present. Love, Friendship and Loyalty is the foundation of their marriage, but both will soon learn that these qualities must be honoured, even if it’s born out of a hidden secret that will take them from Pleasant Cove, Newfoundland, to Dublin, Ireland where the circle of the secret is completed.

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