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Grand Bank Summer Festival

It was an iffy day, weather wise, Saturday for the opening of the annual Grand Bank Summer Festival but it didn't interfer with the kick off parade.

The ASIA goalie makes a diving save to snare the ball off the foot of GeeBee player Jordan Caines in an exhibition soccer game played at Grand Bank on Aug. 4. The game was one of the highlights of this year’s summer festival. The GeeBees won the contest 3-2.

Here are a couple highlights provided by photographer Allan Stoodley.

GeeBee striker Mitch King gets ready to unleash a shot at the ASIA goal in a soccer game played in Grand Bank on Aug. 4. The GeeBees won the hard-fought contest 3-2 with King scoring all three goals against the team from St-Pierre-Miquelon.
GeeBee Brad Keeping moved towards the ASIA goal for a shot. The soccer game played on Aug. 4 saw the host Grand Bank squad squeeze out a 3-2 victory over the visiting St-Pierre-Miquelon team.

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