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Grand Bank band invited to music festival in Sweden

Grand Bank band “Skidderpup” is looking to fundraise the funds needed to make it to an  international music festival in Sweden.
Grand Bank band Skidderpup is looking to fundraise the funds needed to make it to an international music festival in Sweden. - Submitted

Skidderpup seeking support to perform at Live in Heart 2018 in Sweden

GRAND BANK, N.L.— Every musician, from the time they strap on a guitar, or sit behind a drum kit, the dream is of having their big break.

For the band “Skidderpup”, a trio based in Grand Bank, there is one thing standing between them and their dream, that is approximately $10,000.

The band comprised of Chad Grandy — guitar and vocals, Dave Noseworthy — bass and Damon Greene — drums, have been invited to play at the Live in Heart 2018. The music festival held in Orebro, Sweden showcases acts from around the world.

Grandy said they met Peter Astedt, head of bookings for Live in Heart, while opening for “The Magnettes” during their performance at Paddy’s Shed in Burin in October of 2017.

“So that night he was quite impressed with us,” Grandy said. “He personally invited us that night down to Live in Heart Sweden 2018.”

Grandy said at that time nothing had been made official.

“Fast forward to May 2018, just last month, we got our official invite from Peter,” Grandy said. “We were all excited by it obviously, it’s like a once in a lifetime thing for us.”

On the advice of Evan Murray, the Canadian talent buyer for the festival, the band joined an organization that represents members of the music and recordings arts industry in the province.

“He had heard word that there was funding, and they were paying for five bands from Newfoundland to go (to Sweden) fully-funded,” Grandy said. “So we were one of those five picked to go.”

Upon contacting the organization to inquire about funding to cover the cost of getting to the festival, Grandy was told the band was not eligible for funding as they had to be a member for a minimum of six months.

“That was a bit disheartening,” he said. “I asked if there was anything they could do about it, if they could waive it, or help us out.”

Grandy said the person he spoke with explained that they were unable to do anything to help.

He said they are looking into other ways of coming up with the funds needed to get them to the international stage.

“Basically we’re on our own right now, other than one other avenue of funding we can try, which is FACTOR Canada,” he said.

FACTOR is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to artists, musicians and industry professionals to help grow and develop the country’s music industry.

Grandy said outside of looking into funding organizations, they will try and raise the need funds themselves.

“It was a big high for a week or two and now reality is setting in,” he said. “We’ve got to really fight to get there and we’re hoping that we can get the public’s help, fundraising, sponsors — whatever we can get.”

The band estimates they will need between $8,000 and $10,000 to make the trip.

“So it’s not that far-fetched, with it being summer, we’re looking to sell some shirts …we’ll have our cd released hopefully by Aug. 1, so we’re hoping all of that will help get us there,” Grandy said.

Greene noted that getting the chance to perform at the festival could open doors for the band.

“We’re not making money on this trip,” he explained. “This trip is for promotion only, so any funds that are raised are going directly towards the trip, that’s it, we don’t make any cash off this.”

Members added that during the festival, representatives from record labels will be present, as well other concert promoters.

“We have been playing together for 17-years off and on right,” said Grandy. “We’re seasoned.”

Greene added, “We’re not young pups. We’re not 20-years-old looking to go on the road and party — stuff like that, we just want to see if we can do it.”

He added, “…we just got to get the opportunity to do it.”

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