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‘Greenspond Passion’

Coming from the outport community of Greenspond, brothers David and Darren Burry share strong feelings about their hometown.

BROTHERLY LOVE – Known locally as the Burry Boys, brothers David and Darren Burry have strong feelings about music and their hometown of Greenspond. Those two loves were recently translated into song when they released their first album, “Our Greenspond Passion.”

Recently, their love for the small, tight-knit community was expressed through song when they released their first album, “Our Greenspond Passion.”

The album is a reflection and combination of the brothers’ love of Celtic music and their community. For years, the Burry brothers wanted to record an album and now they’ve created a musical tribute to their Irish roots.

“We just really love music and it’s something we’ve always been into,” said David, who began playing guitar around the time he graduated high school in 1999.

The album was in the making since they began playing, said David.

“We loved traditional Irish music growing up, but when you’re younger there’s all kinds of other stuff on the go, like hip-hop, rap, and rock ’n’ roll. But playing Irish music is something we always wanted to do.”

The album was recorded in St. John’s at Playback Studio and features some of Newfoundland’s most prominent traditional musicians, including Mark Hiscock on the accordion and Peter Barfoot, who mixed the sound, playing bass and singing harmony. Johnny Dale of Eastern Passage also lent his musical abilities.

“We had some great musicians with awesome talent, and they’re good buddies, for sure,” said David.

Most of the songs on the album are covers of traditional Irish folk tunes, but the “Polar Bear Song” was written by David, and “Paradise to Me” was written by popular local musician Eric Burry, who David applauded for his talents.

“He’s not our grandfather but he’s like our grandfather, and he’s a great musician, songwriter and storyteller,” he said. “He’s one of the greatest out there in my opinion.”

The Burry brothers were undecided what to call the album, and after discussing it with Barfoot, the title emerged.

“We were contemplating a few names, but we talked to Peter at that point and he suggested ‘Greenspond Passion.’ It caught me right away because it was about our passion for home and our passion for music. It really suits it because that’s what it’s all about for us. We love Newfoundland and we love to entertain people with our music.”

The Burry brothers dedicated the album to their grandfathers, and they’re proud of their musical tribute.

“Our Grandfather Hoskins was in the Royal Navy, and although he wasn’t a foot soldier, he was a gunner. He used to have flashbacks and nightmares after he came back from the war. He promised his mother he would put away his guns, so we dedicated the song ‘Sniper’s Promise’ to him. Our Grandfather Burry was a true fisherman who would tell us stories about Baccalieu, so we dedicated the ‘The Cliffs of Baccalieu’ to Grandfather Burry.”

People in the area have been a great support of the brothers’ musical endeavours, and that’s the definition of community, said David.

“We have a lot of friends and family in the area and everybody is just so happy for us.”

With one album under their musical belts, they’re setting their sights on a new album of original material mixed with local folk writings, which they plan on translating into song.


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