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Grenfell student turns personal writing project into movie


The stars of “Catherine Adelaide,” Mihalis Barry, left, and Heidi Kent, met with director and producer Andrew Tremblett to go over some details before filming on Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014.

CORNER BROOK — It started out as a writing project that Andrew Tremblett did for himself, a way to sort through some personal things in his life.

“I had a relationship that I found I was really into my work and she was in love,” said the Gander native and third-year theatre student at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

“And for me, I don’t think I fully understood the meaning and power of a sentence like ‘I love you.’”

After the relationship “faded,” Tremblett said the struggle with finding a perfect story stopped.

“And I just bled onto a page one night.”

The result was the short story “Catherine Adelaide,” about Oliver and Catherine, two lovers who find themselves at different points in their lives.

Tremblett said in writing the piece he just put his own personal thoughts into Oliver.

The short story was published last year by Adam Beardsworth in a creative arts journal for Grenfell and since then Tremblett has turned it into a movie script.

Filming of that short 15-20 minute movie started on Jan. 2 in St. John’s, where all the exterior scenes were shot, and moved to Corner Brook on Saturday to shoot the interiors.

On Saturday evening the cast and crew assembled in a cold apartment over Swirsky’s on Broadway. Before the weekend was out they also planned to shoot scenes in a home on Humber Park and at the Whitehorse.

The film follows Oliver, as played by Mihalis Barry, and Catherine, portrayed by Heidi Kent, through one night in St. John’s. It’s there that Oliver was born and lives, but he has some personal and artistic goals to head off to Toronto to further his career.

Tremblett said Oliver is working on a short story or novel.

“Basically, he wants to be a great literary figure, like Hemingway or Fitzgerald.”

His girlfriend, Catherine Adelaide, is from Toronto.

“She left Ontario to find herself,” said Tremblett.

Catherine attended Memorial and fell in love with Newfoundland.

“And now has these dreams of saving up money and starting a family here on this island in a city she loves,” he said.

“Love can mean different things to people and basically how true love and personal sacrifice go hand and hand,” said Tremblett. “Which is what I learnt from my experience and what I’m trying to convey through this little film.”

“Catherine Adelaide” is the sophomore production for BlueStone BlackWood, a homegrown west coast production company, in affiliation with PB Productions and is being produced with funding from the Newfoundland Labrador Arts Council.

Besides writing the script, Tremblett is also directing and sharing the producer roll with Ryan Butt.

Tremblett is hoping to have the film ready for premiere by February and said there are plans to look for some post-production funding. He said they hope to take the movie to some film festivals and after the festival run put it up online.

He promises there will be a showing in Corner Brook.




The stars of “Catherine Adelaide”

— Heidi Kent as Catherine

— Mihalis Barry as Oliver

— Toshon Dawe as Diane

— Written and directed by Andrew Tremblett

— Produced by Ryan David Butt and Andrew Tremblett

— First assistant director, Jana Gillis

— Director of photography, St John’s, Kyle Taylor

— Director of photography, Corner Brook, Peter Buckle

— Key grip, Christian Davis

Source: Andrew Tremblett

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