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Burin Peninsula Regional Service Board established

The provincial Department of Municipal Affairs has appointed members for a new Burin Peninsula Regional Service Board as part of the Provincial Waste Management Strategy.

Burin Peninsula Regional Service Board Chairperson Harold Murphy.

Parker’s Cove Mayor Harold Murphy has been appointed chairperson of the board. He had been serving as chair of the Burin Peninsula Waste Management Committee for over a year.

Ten members have now been appointed to the board in addition to the chairperson. The 11th member will be appointed later this fall.

They include Coun. Elaine Strowbridge, Grand Bank; Deputy-Mayor Keith Keating and Coun. Leonard Pittman, Marystown; Mayor Kevin Lundrigan, Burin; Mayor Charles Penwell of Fortune; Coun. Patrick Brake, St. Lawrence; Deputy-Mayor Mike Geraghty, Garnish; Coun. Mary Hackett, English Harbour East; Coun. Jim Mullett, Lewin’s Cove and Coun. Kenneth Strang of Lawn.

Municipal Affairs Minister Kevin O’Brien said “We now have a strong board and chairperson representing the Burin Peninsula region, and I am confident that this team will make great progress in their region in the months ahead.”

The new board will continue the work of the Burin Peninsula Waste Management Committee, which has been in operation since 2006. The new Regional Service Board includes representatives for the 11 sub-regions on the peninsula.

Mr. Murphy explained “With the new Burin Peninsula Regional Service Board in place, we now have the authority to plan, construct and operate waste management facilities within the Burin Peninsula region.

“It is important to have the regional service board in place not only to advance the Provincial Waste Management Strategy within the region, but also to consider the provision of other regional service offerings including water supply and sewage disposal, recreational facilities and fire protection services.”

The provincial government has scheduled to have the new Burin Peninsula regional waste site at Frenchman’s Cove opened in 2016, with all other sites on the peninsula currently operating closed. But in 2020, Frenchman’s Cove will become a ‘transfer site’ with waste trucked to an eastern Newfoundland ‘super dump’ located at Robin Hood Bay, the City of St. John’s current waste disposal facility.

The launch of the Burin Peninsula Regional Service Board follows the establishment of boards in the central, eastern and western regions and on the Northern Peninsula.

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