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Geocaching at Thomas Howe

GANDER, N.L. – Residents of Gander got to have a little fun while exploring the Thomas Howe Demonstration Forest on June 16.

The town’s recreation department set up seven geocache points for participants to track down while trekking the area.

Geocaching is the use of navigational aids – such as a global positioning system (GPS) – to pinpoint hidden items or treasures left by others. It often follows a take something, leave something format, so there’s always something to find.

In total, nearly 30 people, approximately 10 groups, took part in the treasure hunt.

Jerry Knee, community events coordinator for Gander, said the idea was to highlight the beauty of Thomas Howe, while encouraging family recreational activities.

“We are looking at doing family related events throughout the summer, and June is recreation month, so we thought we’d do something that we haven’t normally done before,” he said.

Knee said because there were children taking part in the event, the seven points were within a relatively short distance, and participants were given pre-programmed devices to find the hidden items.

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