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Laurentian Lowdown

St. Lawrence council met Tuesday, as the regular meeting scheduled for May 3 had to be postponed because there were not enough councillors for a quorum.

Town of St. Lawrence



 The following items were approved:

  • An application from a resident for the construction of a shed measuring 10’ by16’.
  • An application for Crown land in the area of Salmonier Pond for the purpose of cabin.
  • An application for Crown land along Route 220.

 Council approve a request from the St. Thomas Aquinas Parish for the exemption of property tax in the amount of $490.50 and business tax in the amount of $1,508.62.


Council approve the following donations:

  • $100 for the Kin and Friends annual radiothon.
  • $100 for the St. Lawrence and Area Cancer Support Group.
  • $25 for the Burin Peninsula SPCA.
  • $50 for the Burin Peninsula Ground Search and Rescue team.

 Council voted to reject a request from the Forget-Me-Not Committee to sponsor locals who served in the Newfoundland Contingent.

“How can you sponsor one and not sponsor everybody in your community that has fallen?” asked town manager Andrea Kettle.

“I think if we are going to donate now, we’ll donate our money to the (war) memorial that we are putting up here, instead of singling any one person out,” Coun. Michael Stacey added.



Council voted in favour of nominating Daryl Doyle, chief of St. Lawrence Volunteer Fire Department for the Fire Chief of the Year Award.

Council approved a motion, made at a special meeting, to apply to the province to acquire Crown land on Director Drive so it can develop an industrial park.

Council approved a motion to purchase of the new dump truck included on the 2016 budget. The town’s old dump truck will be put up for tender.

Council deferred a motion to review the town’s remote meeting policy. Town manager Andrea Kettle said she would contact Municipalities NL for further information on policy guidelines.

Council agreed to hold a private meeting with a resident of the town over an issue she had with her sewer in the past.

Council has agreed to give a resident permission to extend a culvert, noting the resident purchased all the material for the work.

The town will host Municipal Awareness Day on May 11. Council invited two Grade 8 social studies classes from St. Lawrence Academy to visit chambers for a proclamation signing.

The town will host Envirofest June 9 with a tree planting planned for that day.   

In answer to a resident’s inquiry about when swimming lessons would be offered, town manager Andrea Kettle said the town needs to confirm the date of an instructor training program before it can schedule the lessons.


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