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 Local groups get Eastern Health funding

Eastern Health announced its latest round of Community Development Fund grants today. The grants enable community organizations and groups to launch or continue programs that foster healthy communities.

“It is truly a pleasure and an honour to provide our community partners and groups with the needed funds to help create more supported and healthier communities,” said Michael O’Keefe, chair of the board of trustees with Eastern Health. "With the funding, the resulting projects will help address a wide variety of health-related needs in our communities, ranging from physical activity and parenting supports, to food security and sexual health.”

Among the recipients announced today are the SPLASH Centre in Harbour Grace. They will receive $7,000 to bring youth and community volunteers together to learn basic construction and gardening skills required to build benches, picnic tables and flower beds that will enhance various venues throughout the town.

The Plate Cove Recreation Committee in Plate Cove East, Bonavista Bay, has been awarded $10,000, to partner with the local school to create a fitness room in the school, for use  by community members and students alike.The AIDS Committee of Newfoundland and Labrador in St. John’s has been awarded $10,000 to develop an app to provide health education on syphilis and HIV, and to provide users with access to testing and support services. The project targets men who have sex with men, but will be available to gay youth, youth and women.

The Bristol’s Hope Community Development Association Inc., of Bristol’s Hope, has been awarded $10,000, create a community park – The Tom McCormick Memorial Park -   where residents of the rowing community can gather to connect, host community events and engage in recreation.  

The Community Development Fund, valued at $50,000, was first established in 2007 by Eastern Health’s Board of Trustees. This year, 41 applications were received from areas within the Eastern Health boundaries. To date, 52 grants, valued at over $390,000 have been awarded to community partners and organizations, according to Eastern Health.

 For more information about the Community Development Fund, the application guidelines and eligibility criteria, please visit Eastern Health’s website at

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