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Marystown council awards contract to upgrade Ville Marie Drive infrastructure

Town of Marystown.
Town of Marystown. - Paul Herridge

Other spending also approved for public works


Marystown Town Council has awarded a contract for the Ville Marie Drive upgrading, paving and water laterals project.

During the regular meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 6, council accepted the bid from Mallay’s Industrial Services Ltd. in the amount of $748,242.81, HST included. It was one of two submissions received by the town. Wally Drake’s Trucking Ltd. submitted a bid for $758,517.00, including HST.

Council also passed a motion giving approval to purchase materials from Wolseley Waterworks to install a six-inch waterline along the shoreline of Dober’s Road at a cost of $15,609.96, HST included. The town is planning to use its own workers to install the waterline.

As well, a change order was approved for Wally Drake’s Trucking Ltd. to install curb and gutter on Wilson Street as part of the town’s upgrading, paving and laterals project in that area. The cost for the change order is $204,068.50, including HST.

“We thought we were going to save a couple hundred thousand, but I guess we won’t,” public works committee chair Coun. Keith Keating said.

Meanwhile, a tender bid from Avalon Ford was accepted for the purchase of a flat deck truck for the public works department at a cost of $65,647.75, including HST.

Royal Garage had actually submitted a lower bid, $63,928.50, and the public works committee had come to a decision to recommend that tender.

According to public works director Ben Letemplier, the company came back to the town, however, saying they would need to redo their quote on the vehicle due to complications as a result of possible tariff changes between Mexico, the United States and Canada.

The company wouldn’t be able to submit a new quote until January, Letemplier said.

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