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Newfoundland businesses warned about new phone scam

TEL-web-2017-phone stock
TEL-web-2017-phone stock

Businesses in Newfoundland are being warned of a new telephone scam.  

 CPR Call Blocker, makers of a call-blocking device in the U.S., says the scam involves a caller claiming to be a local police officer encouraging donations to a community cause the business may have supported in the past.

According to the a news release from the outfit, the caller asks for a company director by name and then asks a series of questions about whether or not there have been any problems with anti-social behaviour in the area lately. This is a tactic to build a rapport, CPR Call Blocker claims.

The caller goes on to ask whether or not the business will be continuing to support a local police community publication with a small donation. An apparent “colleague” of the caller then calls within 10 minutes of the original call asking for payment. If challenged to provide a telephone number to call back, the caller claims to have forgotten his number.

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