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Over 93 per cent of N.L. school buses pass fall inspection

School buses
School buses. - File photo

The results of Service NL’s fall 2017 school bus inspections are in.

There’s an increase in the number of buses that passed their mandatory annual inspections by highway enforcement officers, according to a news release issued by the department. 

Of the 979 inspections completed from August to November, 93.5 per cent resulted in a pass rating.

That’s compared to 84.4 per cent over a similar period in 2016.

Buses that fail inspection must be repaired with proof of the work confirmed by Service NL before the bus can be returned to service.

In the fall of 2016, Service NL also began publishing the results of the spring and fall inspections on the department’s website.

In December 2016, changes were made to the Official Inspection Station Regulations to provide officials with stronger enforcement and reporting tools to ensure that the school buses on the province’s roads are safe.

Service NL also made changes to ensure that the fall inspections of the school bus fleet are completed sooner.


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This year, 99.7 per cent of the fleet had been inspected by Oct. 31. In 2016, approximately 59 per cent had been inspected by that same date, the release stated.

As part of Service NL’s commercial vehicle inspection program, all school buses registered in Newfoundland and Labrador are inspected a minimum of three times per year to ensure they continue to meet all provincial and federal safety standards.

At the beginning of each school year, all school buses are subject to mandatory inspections by Service NL highway enforcement officers. This year’s fall inspections began in August and were completed in October.

Also, each year a minimum of 30 per cent of each operator’s fleet is selected at random for additional inspections by Service NL highway enforcement officers.

Service NL can perform additional inspections of an operator’s fleet at any time.

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